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Maybe many of you are concerned about Windows 8, but due to completely different interface and system, you can’t make up your mind to upgrade to Windows 8.

Well, if you have enough resources in current PC, you can try Windows 8 without making modification to current system, for free. Required resources are about 2 to 3GB RAM, 30GB free HDD space, and CPU with Core2Duo 2GHz or more. If your PC meets this spec, you can try Windows 8 by creating Virutal PC environment in your PC.

Sounds difficult? Don’t worry, if you have basic PC skill, just follow steps and you are done. If you want to get rid of it after trying, you can uninstall just like other PC software.  In this article, we will be using 90 day evaluation version of Windows 8 Enterprise, and VMWare Player (powerful but free Virtual PC software).

Lets get prepared. You are going to need disk image for evaluation version of Windows 8 and VMWare Player installer.

To download evaluation version of Windows 8, there are some steps. Open MSDN Evaluation Center.

You will see 2 links for download at bottom of the page.

Left side for 32bit version, and right side for 64bit version. If your current system is 32bit version, you can’t use 64bit version. If your current system is 64bit version, then you can use either 32bit or 64bit. If you don’t know which to use, download 32bit version.

Microsoft sign in page will be shown, so sign in. If you don’t have Microsoft account, create one for free. You will need one when you start using Windows 8, since from Windows 8, OS have many functions that connects with your Microsoft Account.

Before downloading evaluation version of Windows 8, you will need to enter name, mail address, and location. You can enter any name, but you need to enter valid email address since you will be receiving URL for verification by email.

Press “Continue” at bottom of form will show page that mail has been sent.

Check mail, and open URL in mail.

Press “Continue” button, and iso file (disk image file) download will start automatically. File size is about 2.4GB, so specify folder with enough space, and wait until download completes.

Next, get VMWare Player to create Virtual PC.

Open VMWare Player download page, and press download link at left top of the page.

There are many version listed, download “VMWare Player for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit”.

Wait until download completes.

Now, preparation is ready. In next step, I will explain installation of VMWare Player.

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