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Now you have Windows 8 running in virtual machine, it may be slow, or hard to use. To use Windows with VMWare Player more comfortable, VMWare Tools are provided.

By installing VMWare Tools, you can:

・Change screen resolution by adjusting VMWare Player window size.
・Drag and drop file between host Windows and virtual machine Windows.
・Move mouse cursor between host Windows and virtual machine Windows seamlessly.
・Improves screen draw.

Installation is simple. Click desktop tile in Start screen.

In desktop, press folder icon in task bar and launch file explorer. Click Computer in left lower tree.

Next, in VMWare Player top left corner, press Player button, select “Manage”, then “Install VMWare Tools”.

Little after, DVD drive icon in virtual machine will will change to VM icon. Double click and start VMWare Tools install.

UAC (User Account Control) message shows, click Yes.

VMware Tools installation starts. Follow wizard and keep clicking Next.

Press Finish when installation completes.

When asked to restart, click Yes and restart.

After restart, lock screen will be shown. Use mouse and drag from bottom to up, or press Enter key.

Enter password and sign in.

Go to desktop by clicking desktop tile, right click desktop, and select Screen resolution.

It will depend on host PC display, but if possible, select resolution over 1366×768. Least set to 1024×768 since this is lowest supported resolution for Windows 8 Store Apps. Snap function works for resolution over 1366×768.

Now you are ready to experience world of Windows 8.

Windows 8 Store Apps can only run one at a time using full screen, but if you have resolution over 1366×768, you can split screen to 2 parts, snapping 1 Store App to side of the screen.

By expanding VMWare Player to full display screen, you can use your PC like native Windows 8 environment. However, please note that even if Windows 8 works with VMWare in your PC, this does not mean Windows 8 works native with your PC (means Windows 8 might not work installing directly to your PC).

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