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Windows 8 Basics, Tips, Tricks and other related useful Infos

Should you upgrade to Windows 8 or not? Well, there’s many good things about Windows 8. One of big thing is, Windows 8 engineers have rebuilt and optimized OS from base system, and operates better than Vista or 7. Existing APIs are optimized, and OS works with less footprint (CPU and Memory), resulting OS and Software works better with Windows 8. Booting and Shutdown are quicker, especially wakeup from Sleep state is instant.

I’ve installed Windows 8 to old palm-sized PC, with Atom 1.2GHz 1GB RAM 32GB HDD. Vista and 7 were so slow I was able to take a cup of coffee before software launches, but with Windows 8, completely different experience.

There are, of course, no good stuffs too. If Windows 8 drivers are available for your PC, it will be fine, but there may be no supported driver available. Driver for Vista /7 may work with Windows 8, but might not work. Some of Laptops I have had a problem with Wireless LAN device with Windows 8. Driver is not completely compatible with older Windows. Your favorite software might not work, either. Also, Media Center is not included as default in Windows 8.

It will be nice if there’s a info about Windows 8 compatibility for PC you have, but if not, one of the way is to install evaluation version of Windows 8 to open area of HDD (Keep existing OS, and do dual boot), and try to see how good it works.

PC Requirements for Windows 8 is as follows. Refer to Microsoft Windows 8 system requirements for detail. If Vista or 7 is running now, Windows 8 should also work.

  • CPU 1 GHz or higher
  • RAM 1GB or more (32bit)/2GB or more (64bit)
  • HDD 16GB or more (32bit)、20GB or more (64bit)
  • Graphic card with DirectX 9  support

To use Windows 8 Store App (Windows 8 native application), you will need

  • Resolution over 1024×768

You still can use desktop with low-res like 1024×600. In low-res, Start Screen will show without any problem, but trying to launch Store App will show Error Message.

If you want to user snap function, you will need

  • Resolution over 1366×768

Snap is splitting screen into 2 parts, and showing one Store App on side of screen while showing another Store App (or desktop) on remaining area. Like android or iphone, Store App basically uses full screen, and single app can be used at a time.

There is a tool available from Microsoft to check if your PC environment can be upgraded to Windows 8, for your reference.

I would recommend to keep existing OS environment and install Windows 8 by dual-booting, and eventually move main environment to new one.

Windows 8 Installation Type

When installing Windows 8, there are some options.

  • Clean Install
  • Upgrade Install

If you want to keep files, software, and setting from Windows XP, Vista, or 7, you choose Upgrade, and if not, clean install. However, moving existing files to Windows 8 is only supported from Windows 7. For XP and Vista, you can’t keep existing software. You will need to re-install again after moving to Windows 8.

When upgrading, you should care about 32bit or 64bit, and edition. There is a limitation between different bit and edition.

  • 32bit (x86)
  • 64bit (x64)

32bit and 64bit is available for Windows, and there are many comments about choosing which, but there are case that you don’t have a choice.

  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8 Pro

Windows 8 have edition, simply “Windows 8” and Pro. Those 2 are editions you can purchase normally. You might have heard of “Windows RT”, this is for ARM CPU only, and only provided preinstalled to specific device. Windows RT can run Store Apps (Windows 8 native app), but doesn’t run existing desktop Windows software. RT is good if you only need Store App and Office.

There is also an edition called “Windows 8 Enterprise”, which is only provided for business use (corporation).

Next part, will explain between 32bit and 64bit.では、次の記事では32bitと64bitのどちらを選択すべきかについて説明する。

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