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Windows 8 Basics, Tips, Tricks and other related useful Infos

When using Windows 8, there are many new and old useful keyboard shortcuts. Below are some best shortcuts I use, and there are more you can find at Microsoft site.

“Win” is Windows key, “Ctrl” is control key, “Alt” is Alt key. “X + X” means press more than two keys at same time (or in sequential, holding down all keys). For example, “Win + R” is hold down Windows key, then press R key.

Win + C

Open charm. You can quickly check time, battery, wifi status. “Esc” to close charm.

Win + Q

Open search charm. It will also show you list of all apps, so while working on desktop and want to call other apps, you can quick access to all apps list this way.

Win + D

Jump to desktop.

Win + I

Open settings charm. Used often to call control panel, wifi switch, LCD brightness, shutdown, etc.

Win + E

My computer (or file explorer). This will bring up file explorer even if you are at Start screen or Store app. Also easy way to open multiple file explorers to copy, move files.

Win + R

Open run dialog box.

Win + X

Power Users command quick link. Wonderful function added in Windows 8. You can launch often used administrative tools from here. There is a tool called Win + X Menu Editor, to customize this menu. Adding shutdown command to this menu is very useful.

Win + Z

In Start screen or store app, brings up app bar.

Win + .

Switches app to snap view (need more than 1366×768 screen resolution). Win + Shift + . to snap backward.

Ctrl + Alt + Esc

Brings up task manager.

Ctrl + Shift + N

In file explorer, creates new folder.

Win + PrintScreen

Takes screenshot and save to picture folder in PNG format. Unfortunately, “Alt + Win + PrintScreen” copies focused window to clipboard, but does not save to file.

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