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*To clear all live tile data including Photo tile, see this article.

In Windows 8 Start screen, there’s Photo tile showing slideshow of thumbnails for images saved in Pictures and other folders. This is nice functions, but even if you delete original image file from picture folder, live tile still shows deleted images.

To delete thumbnail, go to desktop, open file explorer (or simply press “Win + E”). In file explorer, enter


to address bar and autocomplete will show right below address bar, so click to move to that folder.

You will see “LocalState” folder, so open this folder.

This folder contains thumbnails for Photo live tile. “LargeTile#” and “Smailltile#” are thumbnail files, so delete them.

Go back to Start screen, resize tile to reflesh. Right click Photo live tile or drag down to select, then “Smaller” to make tile small, then do same and select “Larger” to set it back.

This will reset Photo tile thumbnail.

You can turn off thumbnail by selecting Photo tile, and click “Turn live tile off”.

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