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In former Windows, you needed to install third party application like DAEMON TOOLS to mount ISO image file as a virtual drive.

Windows 8 supports mounting ISO image as default. Right click ISO file, or selecting ISO file in file explorer shows Disk Image Tools, allowing you to mount ISO or burn ISO image.

However, you might not see this mount command if you upgrade from older version of Windows, or from certain point.

Cause is, you associated ISO file to software other than OS default. For example, you installed CD/DVD writing tool or other ISO mounting tool and associated ISO file with such software.

Just re-associate ISO file with Windows 8 default to fix this.

Right click ISO file, open properties.

Click “Change”

It will ask application to open ISO file, select Explorer.

This will fix file association, click OK and close properties.

Now you should see mount command or Disk Image Tools when you select ISO file.

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