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As new functionality in Windows 8, you can press “Win + PrintScreen” shortcut (or Win + VolDown in tablet) to easy take screenshot to png file.

This is useful, but deleting file does not reset number in filename.

There’s no problem, but if you want to reset counter, this is stored in registry. By entering your preferred number, you can assign starting counter. Be careful when you are making changes to registry; you might make system unbootable.

Press “Win + R” shortcut, and enter “regedit” and run.

Registry editor launches, open


Find key “ScreenshotIndex”. Open key and enter 1 or any number. This will be next starting number for filename next time you take screenshot.

If you are not used to registry editor, use registry file below to simply reset counter to 1. Download file below, unzip, and run reg file in it. – download

Inside reg file is simple text, as follows.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


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