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Viliv N5 is palm sized PC. Since CPU is 32bit ATOM, I installed 32bit Windows 8 Pro. This time, I did clean install, not upgrade.

For drivers, manufacturer of Viliv does not exist anymore, so there’s no page for it. There are drivers you can download from BRULE, Japanese store which sold Viliv N5.

BRULE  Download Page

Download driver set and software set from above site. For graphics driver, I used Intel GMA

Intel Download Center

Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator Driver for Windows 7* 32 (zip)

So, following are driver and software I prepared prior to installing Windows 8.

  • Intel GMA 500 graphics driver
  • EC-IO driver
  • Sound driver
  • Touch screen driver
  • VilivCam
  • VilivManager
  • WiFi fix patch (made by own)

Well, you can just download all-in-one pack here.

Viliv N5 Windows 8 Driver Set

Let’s start installing Windows 8. Installing Windows 8 is easy. Configure BIOS to boot from USB DVD drive, set your Windows 8 installation media, and start install.

You can enter Viliv N5 BIOS by pressing DEL key at logo. Change Priority in BOOT section. (For your info, pressing F10 during logo will call up recovery menu)

While installation, select “Custom : Install Windows only”, and for storage, 7GB at end of disk drive is used for recovery. Keep last 7GB (so you can recover back to factory state), and delete other partitions. Then select open area for installation target.

Since network is disconnected at installation time, you have to create local account (you can switch to Microsoft Account later, if you want to).

After installing Windows 8 OS, install drivers.

  1. Graphic driver (Run setup in Windows 7 mode or installation aborts)
  2. Sound driver
  3. Touch screen driver
  4. EC-IO driver : Open device manager, update unknown device and specify this driver
  5. VilivCam
  6. VilivManager

This will make graphic, sound, and touch screen to work. Problem was, touch screen calibration did not work.

VilivCam also had problem where application aborts, I’m not sure camera is working or not (I can turn on and off from Viliv Manager)

For Wifi, based on information below, I have made my own patch for easy installation.

You can download patch from below, but use at your own risk. – Download

Below is simple usage.

Unzip file, right click sd8686win8_fix.exe and run as administrator.

Click Start Update.

It will automatically change permission and replace file / driver.

When complete, click OK and reboot. If application hangs, reboot manually.

After reboot, open device manager and enable Marvell SD8686 device manually. This should start WiFi.

You can make Desktop only mode to run faster. If you install Google Chrome and having trouble launching, it should work by making IE a default browser. This is due to installing Chrome on Windows 8 and making it default browser makes Chrome to try to launch in Modern UI mode.

This post is also available in: Japanese

Install Windows 8 to Viliv N5, my favorite device」 に3件のコメント

  1. Ed says:

    I successfully installed your wifi driver, I can enable it. But it cannot detect any wifi network at all.

    Can u give me some help, thanks!

  2. Ed says:

    I reinstall your wifi driver again, it fixed.

    But the other problem coming, how to startup the 3G Modem ?


  3. ねふぁ says:


    Sorry, my N5 is not 3G Modem version (only Wifi).
    Try look for driver in chip manufacturer, or driver for other PC with same modem chip.

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