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If you have small screen, you can hide ribbon UI to make workspace bit larger. But hiding ribbon will make bad access to functions.

In such case, using quick access toolbar is one of the good solution. Quick access toolbar is little icons at left top of the Window. You can find this toolbar in apps such as File Explorer, Paintbrush, and Office.

You can add shortcuts to functions you use often, but right clicking toolbar shows very few items.

Don’t worry. You can add shortcut for most of the items exist in ribbon, to toolbar.

Open ribbon, and if you have item you want to assign to quick access toolbar, right click that item. You can even add items under sub menus. In right click menu, you will find menu “Add to Quick Access Toolbar” (for item you can add to toolbar). Click and you are done.

You can add functions like file sorting, to toolbar this way.

In paint brush, for example, right click color palette and add to toolbar.

This will allow you to select colors from toolbar even ribbon is hidden.

This works with Word / Excel and other Office apps, so customize for easy access and maximizing workspace area.

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