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Note: Install Windows 8 to Vaio P at your own risk.

I’ve been using Vaio P with preinstalled Vista, and later upgraded to Windows 7. I’ve then upgraded from 7 to Windows 8 Pro with keeping all apps and data. Upgrading to Windows 8 was easy, and completed without any problem, but speed was so slow.

Model I use is VGN-P91S custom model, with Atom Z550 2.0GHz cpu, 2GB RAM, 64GB SSD, which is far better spec than Viliv N5 or Willcom D4, but runs slower.

I understand P series have high resolution LCD which costs CPU performance, but still, this thing is too slow to use. After uninstalling all VAIO related preinstalled software, it started to work better. I guess preinstalled software is eating resources.

Well, since SSD space was also running low, I decided to clean install Windows 8 to Vaio. Clean install is simple, just use 32bit version of Windows 8, set setup media to USB DVD drive, and boot. Remove all existing partition (except recovery area, if you want to keep it), and install, done.

After install, about 2 devices remain unknown, but 1 will be gone by auto detecting device driver. WiFi and Bluetooth works by default, and you could use most of the functions at this time.

Most of the function works, but making last few percent to work perfectly is a hard part. There are many preinstalled VAIO software, but I focused to make following functions to work.

  • Install VGA Driver
  • Scroll using stick pointer
  • Battery care function (limit charging to 80%)
  • Adjust volume / brightness using Fn key

Thanks to following sites, which helped installation / configuration)

昭和少年:vaioノート ホットキーの回復方法(Japanese)
遙かデジタリアヘ:VAIO type PでWindows 8(Consumer Preview)を使う(Japanese)
Pocketables Forum:Win 8 RTM on Vaio P

First, prepare all software and drivers you need. Followings are software / drivers I’ve used (Some may be in japanese).

– Video Driver
From Intel Download Center
Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator Driver for Windows 7* 32 (zip)

*EMGD 3228Driver also works (might work better)

– VAIO Shared Library
From VAIO Windows 7 Upgrade Utlity
Sony Shared Utility Tool (EP0000208275.exe)

Followings are from

– Pointing driver

– Setting Utility

– Vaio Event Service (Fn Keys)
VAIO Event Service 5.1 –

– VAIO Power Management

– VAIO Control Center

For each driver / software, run EXE or run setup.exe after extracting ZIP file. Follow wizard to install. Note you need to install Control Center as a last thing, and Video driver and Power Management needs little trick to install.

For Video driver and Power Management, simply running will show up unsupported OS error. Right click setup.exe, open property, and go to compatibility tab. Check “Run this program in compatibility mode” and select Windows 7. Then, run setup.exe to install.

After installing all drivers and software, you can configure Vaio devices, and use Fn key to adjust volume and brightness.

Since P series have resolution of 1600×768, store apps work without problem. This is still good device in Windows 8 age. Office 2013 also working without problem. You can use simulator (included in VS2012) to run store app in Window mode, but this seems too much for P to handle.

From user’s report, there’s sound driver Realtek R2.70 you can download from Realtek homepage, which enables noise canceling.

This post is also available in: Japanese

Clean install Windows 8 to Vaio P」 に5件のコメント

  1. Chris Ryan says:

    Thanks for this helpful guide. Got my newly acquired P series up and running on Windows 8 with no trouble at all following these drivers – saved me a lot of work hunting around the net for them.

  2. Patricio says:

    Greate work, Really got my P series running in no time. Only Bright + Fn key not working, but get the driver the original for vista and did the trick. My is a Vaio vgn-p25g.

    this one is the file that do the trick.

    Windows 8.1 pro is fast, stable and way better than Windows ultimate 7, delay on star any aplication is almost nothing. And the machine heat is half than W7, so running well, fresh and double or triple the spped, recomend do the change.
    Sorry my bad inglish, is not my born language.

    Thnaks for the work, if is not for you, I stil be using W7, and missing W8.1 very happy and impres how the machine performs.

  3. Lashay says:

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  4. Malupet says:

    Hello. Will the steps provided will work on Vaio VGNP23G? Thank you!

    • ねふぁ says:

      Sorry for late reply.
      It seems specifications are similar, so I guess it will work, but not sure.

      If you are ready to clean install (means you should have no data to lose), you can always try and recover back to factory setting if it fails somewhere 🙂 Just be sure you are not deleting recovery partition while installing OS. I think you are also able to create recovery media from Vaio software.

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