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You might have heard of “God Mode”, which was found in Windows Vista / 7 a while ago. This is a function where you create new folder, and entering special string for folder name makes it a special shortcut.

This is also valid in Windows 8.

Create new folder anywhere you like.

After creating folder, enter string below as a name.


Name “Settings” to anything you want. This will be name for shortcut.

After renaming, folder will transform to special folder. Open this folder, and you will see list of configurations.

Nothing new listed here, since all items are also available from Control Panel. However, everything is listed in one place.

You can drag drop items to desktop to make shortcut to config, so if you change certain configuration often, it’ll be nice to have shortcut for easy access.

In Windows Vista 64bit and other OS, creating this folder in Desktop seems to crash Explorer, so be careful when you do this trick. I tried with Windows 8 64bit, and worked fine creating on desktop, but I recommend to create temporary user and do a test before doing in your regular account.

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