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If you installed Windows 8 keeping old Windows version, or have Linux system in same PC, your PC becomes multi boot environment, and menu shows up during bootup for you to select which OS to boot. From Windows Vista, boot manager uses BCD system. I’m going to show you how to rename label for OS selection.

If you have Windows 8 32bit and 64bit in same system, both becomes “Windows 8”  and can’t tell which is which. It’ll be easier if you rename like “Windows 8 Pro x64”.


Boot information is stored in what so called BCD store (default location is \Boot\BCD, a hidden folder), but be careful when you are making changes to this data, since one mistake might lead to PC not booting. Be sure to make a backup copy of important files, and prepare a way to rescue system (such as Windows setup media).

In desktop, press “Win + X” and run Command Prompt (Admin).


In command prompt,

bcdedit /v

will show list of current registered OS.

bcdedit 1

bcdedit 2

It’d be better to make backup copy of BCD before you make any changes.

bcdedit /export "c:\bcdbackup"

Name backup file with date and description, and save it to USB memory or other external storage device would be preferred.

For label, “description” is a name that will be shown during bootup. You will need to pass “identifier” as parameter to make change, so right click command prompt, select “Mark”, then double click identifier value, and right click again to copy text.

bcdedit copy id

bcdedit copy id

after copying identifier to clipboard,

bcdedit /set {copied identifier} description "New Name"

Enter up to “bcdedit /set “, then right click mouse and select Paste to paste identifier.

bcdedit change description

bcdedit change description

If you want to change description for default OS, you can omit identifier.る。

bcdedit change description

After making change, run “bcdedit /v” again to check description has changed.

bcdedit change description

To change default OS (automatically selected upon timeout) or timeout value, you can change with bcdedit, but it will be easier to use msconfig.

Press “Win + R” and enter “msconfig”.


System configuration will show up, so change to Boot tab and make changes as you want.

msconfig boot

If you make mistake and PC becomes unbootable, boot from Windows setup media, open console (Shift + F10 key during wizard or from recovery option), and rebuild BCD store or restore form backuped file.

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