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Windows support zip file compression as default, but I use 7zip for it’s usability and number of supported compression types.

However in Windows 8, after installing 7zip, even changing file association in option does not correctly associate files, and double clicking 7zip files does not show 7zip window (as of Jan 10, 2013).



If file extension is not associated, double clicking file will ask for which program to use. If so, select “More options”, check “Use this app for all .7z files”  and then “Look for another app on this PC” then select 7zFM.exe manually.

If file already associated, right click 7z file, select “Open with”, then “Look for another app on this PC”, or select file “Properties”, press “Change…” in Opens with and then select 7zFM.exe.

関連付け 1

関連付け 2

関連付け 3

関連付け 4

関連付け 5

関連付け 6

After associating 7z file with 7zFM, you can double click 7z file and see 7z browser window.

However, 7z file icons are not that good looking. In XP, you can easily change file icons from association config, but in Windows 8, there’s no UI to change file icons.

To change file icon, since information is stored in registry, you could modify registry like in Windows 7:

How to Change a File Type Icon in Windows 7 and Vista

or easy way to use utility:


which is free and also works with Windows 8.

To change icon, download FileTypesMan and extract FileTypesMan.exe to somewhere (only exe needed)

FileTypesMan 展開

After extracting, run exe and you will see configured file extension. Double click extension you want to modify. Under Default Icon, click “…” and select icon you like to associate.

FileTypesMan 操作1

FileTypesMan 操作2

FileTypesMan 操作3

For 7z, there’s a good icon you can download from


Download ico type file and save to specific are in hdd, since ico file will be referred once you associate, and you won’t be able to move ico file unless reconfigure.




After associating ico file and 7z extension with FileTypesMan, 7z file will look better.


You can delete FileTypesMan and FileTypesMan.cfg after configure.

This post is also available in: Japanese

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