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There has been modification in iso name, so I believe not much people got lost these days, but back in August 2012 where Windows 8 RTM was first posted to MSDN, only edition we see in list was Windows 8, Windows 8 Enterprise, and Windows 8 Pro VL (Volume License), and it seemed there are no Pro version we could use (with Product key).

Until recently, I thought “Windows 8” ISO only contains non-pro home user edition, but this actually contains both “Windows 8” and “Windows 8 Pro”. Now, MSDN list has been modified, and name shows (multiple edition) next to it.

Quick review for downloading and installing Pro version of Windows 8.

From MSDN Subscriber Downloads page, click Windows 8 if listed.

 MSDN Download Windows 8

Windows 8 image lists are shown. Change options to filter image list, as needed.

MSDN Download Windows 8

In list, “Windows 8 Pro VL” is a edition for Volume License, and can’t be used with product key you receive with MSDN subscription. You need to download “Windows 8 (multiple editions)”.

Press product key button next to Windows 8 (multiple editions), and you will see product key for both non-pro and pro edition.

MSDN Download Windows 8

Now, during setup, according to which product key you enter, edition installed will change. Enter Pro product key to install Pro edition.

MSDN Download Windows 8

You can install non-Pro edition, and later switch to Pro edition by entering product key at system property, activation info.

DSP version is same, contains both edition, and edition installed changes depending on product key you provide.

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