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In previous post, Install Windows 7 Ultimate to VHD for multi boot, I’ve showed steps to install using Imagex. This time, I’ll show how to install to VHD from DVD setup media in UEFI / Intel Raid system with Windows 8 as a sample.

It is useful in case like if you have Laptop with Windows 8 preinstalled, and also want to use Pro and Enterprise version of Windows 8 without modifying existing system.

Like some Dell laptop PC, if HDD is in RAID system with Intel rapid storage technology, using Imagex to install OS to VHD won’t work since storage device driver will not be available in new system. In this case, prepare VHD file, boot from DVD setup media, then load storage driver before running setup will do the trick.

In this example, I used Windows 8 model Dell Inspiron 15z.

From disk management, create VHD file. This is same step with Windows 7 VHD install, but for UEFI system, you have to set style to GPT during initialization. Setting MBR will cause error during OS install.


If you initialized with MBR, you can convert to GPT after deleting all partition and right click disk.

vhddisk (1)

After you create VHD, prepare storage device driver for your system as needed (if OS can’t access HDD with default driver). Download form manufacturer’s download page, unzip if zipped, and copy to USB memory or other storage media.

Driver Download


Set Windows setup media to DVD drive, and boot from DVD. For Dell PC , pressing F12 key during Dell Logo will bring up boot menu.


Press any key when Press any key to… message is shown.

After moving few steps in setup wizard, message will show to load driver for storage device. Set storage media with driver you prepared, and press browse to specify path.


For x64 system, specify 64bit driver. If you specify 32bit driver, you might need to restart system before re-specifying 64bit driver.



If driver gets loaded correctly, you will see partition in list. VHD will not get mounted automatically, so you need to mount VHD file. Press “Shift + F10” to call command prompt.


Find and move to drive with VHD file you created.


Mount VHD file to drive using diskpart command. (replace path with your system)

select vdisk file="e:\storage\vhd\win8ent.vhd"
attach vdisk

After mounting VHD file, exit command prompt.


In partition list, refresh list and you should see mounted VHD drive in list. Select VHD drive, and warning Windows can’t be installed to … may appear, but ignore and continue.


Remaining steps are same as normal Windows 8 installation. After setup complete, VHD drive will be C: drive, and physical drive will be D: drive.



Boot back to original Windows 8 system, and open command prompt with administrator privilege. Run bcdedit and you will see VHD boot Windows 8 set as default.


Set back default OS to original Windows 8, and also modify label with set description parameter.

bcdedit /default {current}



Now you have VHD boot Windows 8 environment.


This post is also available in: Japanese

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