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There are many online storage service such as DropBox and Kdrive. SkyDrive is online storage service provided by Microsoft, and integrated to Windows 8. You can use up to 7GB for free per account. If you are using multiple Windows 8/RT device, this is useful to share files between devices.

For service detail, refer to Microsoft homepage.

Office 2013 supports SkyDrive Pro.

To use SkyDrive, only thing you need is Microsoft Account. If you are already using Windows 8 with Microsoft Account, you are ready to use anytime.

Use from Store Apps

Windows 8 has SkyDrive Store App pre-installed, so just click “SkyDrive” from tile in Start screen. If you are using local account, it will ask for Microsoft Account. You can switch your Windows 8 account to Microsoft Account from local account easily by changing option in PC settings.

start screen

microsoft sign in

switch microsoft account

In SkyDrive app, folder and file will be shown.

Store app skydrive

From App bar (right click mouse or swipe from up/down edge of screen) you can create new Folder or upload files.

Store app skydrive

If you want to upload files from other Store Apps to SkyDrive, like photo, open picture in Photo App and click share in charm.

Store app skydrive share

Select SkyDrive in list, and this will upload selected photo to SkyDrive.

Store app skydrive upload

Use with Browser

Open with browser.

web skydrive

sign in (if not signed in) and you can access files. With IE, you can even upload multiple files at once by drag-dropping.

web skydrive

For photo, it have neat UI which shows Exif info.

web skydrive image

Use from Desktop

By installing software, you can mount SkyDrive to drive, and use like local HDDs.

Open SkyDrive with browser and download SkyDrive software for desktop. Link is at lower left of page.

web skydrive

Choose Windows Desktop as device.

skydrive setup

Download, and run setup.

skydrive setup

Follow wizard.

skydrive setup

skydrive setup

skydrive setup

skydrive setup

skydrive setup

After installation completes, you will see SkyDrive under favorite in Explorer.

desktop skydrive

You can move, copy, delete files as normal drive. Data sync state will be shown with icons.

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