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Here’s how to make link in your home page to jump open Store App in Windows 8.

Code is simple, instead of starting with http in URL, write

ms-windows-store:PDP?PFN=<Package Family Name>

This will open store app if browser supports this link (such as IE in Windows 8).

Hard part is, how do you find out this Package Family Name? If you are making link to your own developed store app, this is written in manifest file. For apps in Windows Store, this is written nowhere.

One of the way (and only way I know of) to find out is, Use Google search with “”  and app name and do search. Store app page which can be opened with browser will be listed, so find one you are looking for.

Search for Windows Store

When you open store app page, check URL, and last ID in URL is what you are looking for.

Windows Store
Fore example, Cookpad page URL ends with 60e0aee7-dda0-4fae-9b3a-43299bf87887 , making link to be


And applying link tag to image will be like below. try click image below with IE in Windows 8, and this should call up Windows Store app with specified app page.


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