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In Windows 8, lock screen shows at bootup, or after recovering from sleep state.


This is useful by customizing notification icons shown on screen, but this might annoy some people to making them slide up screen every time before using.

One of the way to disable this lock screen is to use gpedit.msc. Run gpedit.msc, go to “Computer Configuration”, “Administrative Templates”, “Control Panel”, then “Personalization”. Then enable item “Do not display the lock screen”. However, gpedit.msc is only available in Pro version of Windows 8. So, I’ll show you how to disable using registry editor.

Be careful when you use registry editor, since one mistake may cause system to corrupt.

Well, I’ve made registry file you can simply double click and apply change.  Download and use file below unless you want to do this manually. I believe there’s no problem, but use at your own risk. – Download

Download and unzip to get nolockscreen.reg and dolockscreen.reg file. Execute nolockscreen.reg to disable lock screen, and execute dolockscreen.reg to enable lock screen.

reg files are simple text file, with following contents.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Lets see how to do manually.

Press “Win + R” key and enter “regedit” to launch registry editor.


Open tree


If “Personalization” key does not exist, add new key and name “Personalization”.



Under Personalization key, create new DWORD (32bit) value and name it “NoLockScreen”



Double click and set value to 1.


This will disable lock screen from next time and sign-in screen will be shown directly.

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