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When signing in to Windows 8, you can use keyboard or fingerprint (if device supports), but if you have touch panel, using picture password is one of good option.

However, you should know that unlocking picture password can be easily seen and remembered from other people nearby in public place. Currently (Mar, 2013) arrow is displayed on screen while you operate, and there’s no option to disable this. If you are at presentation and you have big projector screen connected, everybody sees how you unlock picture password.

Though, it is useful for small device without keyboard in private space.

As you can tell from word “picture password”, it is a method to sign in using picture of your favorite with 3 combination of point, line, and circle.

Put your favorite image to picture folder, etc, and open “Change PC Settings” from settings charm.


picture_password (2)

Go to Users.


Under Sign-in options, click “Create picture password”.


It will ask for current password, enter password.

picture_password (5)

Click “choose picture”, and select favorite picture.



Adjust image position, and click “use this picture”.


Anywhere in picture, touch 3 places with point, line, or circle. Location, size, and direction is recorded.




It will ask again to repeat process, so repeat.


From next time, you can use picture password to sign in. If you want to switch to text mode, click “Switch to password”.


If you forgot picture password, sign in with text, and you can confirm how it was. Go to PC settings and click “change picture password”.


Enter text password.


Press “Replay”


Arrow will be shown on screen, so just follow.


It is useful for tablet device to sign in using touch panel, but I do not recommend using with desktops or other big screened device due to easy to sneak weakness.

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