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From 5 years ago, I’ve been using mouse called Logitech MX Revolution almost every day. I’ve thought of getting new model, but didn’t find one that interests me. One of good thing about MX Revolution is, you can adjust and switch to mute using scroll wheel of left side of mouse.

There were no problem using for long time, but from couple month ago, single click became double click and dragging becomes aborted frequently. File opens unexpectedly, and file gets dropped off where I did’t want to.

Well, since this mouse is no longer usable, I was looking for replacement. But, no new model has same functionality I wanted. However, I found that many of the similar symptom was reported by other Logitech mouse users, where single click becomes double click. This is caused by chattering of mouse switch, and can be fixed by replacing switch part.

Good, then let’s replace the switch. Recommended switch part was D2F-01F from OMRON, and I bought 5 of them for future use. Each costs about few dollars.

omron D2F-01F

This time, problem was for only Left side click, so I replaced switch on the left side.

MX Revolution

Screw is 4 places, under the sheets. Screw is special torque type screw, and you will need T-6 screw driver.


T-6 トルクスねじ

Flex cable connects circuit board and upper switch, so you need to be careful not to cut the cable.

cover open


Unscrew wheel screw. Screws inside mouse is plus screws.


Take apart battery, and battery holder.

battery removal

battery removal

battery removal

Now, you can lift up the circuit board.


Switch is soldered to circuit board, so you have to use soldering iron to take switch off. Since circuit board is soldered with battery charging connector which is fixed to mouse cover, you can’t take circuit board apart. You need to work by lifting circuit board.


This is due to my bad soldering skill, but it took while to unsolder switch. This was hard part, and I finally took apart by cutting legs, and pushing toward circuit board.



I melted cover a bit while unsoldering…


After removing old part, place new switch and solder. Be careful with direction.



After soldering, assemble back.



Now, double click and dragging is back to normal state, and everything is working fine again. I can now continue using this mouse until new model that satisfies me comes out to market.

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Fix Logitech MX Revolution mouse switch」 に4件のコメント

  1. Rom says:

    Thanks for your guide. Just successfully replaced my MX Revo’s microswitch a while ago. Also melted some plastic part in the same location as yours in the process 🙂

  2. jeremy starreveld says:

    if you have nimble fingers and a pair of tweezers you can alternatively open the switch and bend the little copper piece inside slightly upward where the little white button part makes contact. the little white button will fall out of the black cover so be careful not to lose it. also be careful to not bend the copper too much where the piece will pop out as it is extremely fragile and difficult to place back in.
    this will last for a good while but eventually its much better to replace them intirely.

    thanks for the tutorial.

  3. Duygu says:

    , depending on your pitirrioes and own annoyances, it has it’s up and downs. However, I believe you can turn it off if you need to.I actually still prefer my Intuos4 over 5. I’m curious to try out the new Cintiq’s, I’ve never tried one out before.

  4. I’m impressed! You’ve managed the almost impossible.

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