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Store Apps can be easily installed from Windows Store. Well, where is this Store App files saved to?


Files needed to run Store Apps are stored under c:\Program Files\WindowsApps which is hidden and can’t be touched from normal users. Path is same for all users, but Store Apps versions and data are separately managed per user.

StoreApp Folder

Since installation for Store Apps are fixed to c: drive, you will have trouble if remaining space for c: drive runs low, but there’s no option for changing installation drive for Store Apps. I’m going to show you how to change installation folder, but Microsoft does not support installing Store Apps to other than same drive for System, so there may be some harm by doing this, try at your own risk.

Known issue is that you can continue using Store Apps you installed before making modification to installation folder, but updating will fail. Uninstalling and re-installing will move Store App to new location.

We will be modifying registry, so be careful not to touch unrelated items.

Press “Win + R” shortcut and enter “regedit” to launch registry editor.

Run Regedit

Location for installing Store App is set by following registry value.


StoreApp Location

If you want to change to e:\WindowsApps for example, you just need to change PackageRoot value to “e:\WindowsApps”, but you can’t simply change due to security permission.

change to e drive

Right click Appx key and select “Permissions”

get access

In Permissions, click “Advanced”

advanced settings

Click “Change” at right side of Owner.

change owner

Enter username for signed in user, and click “Check Names”. If you’ve entered username correctly, name will be replaced to underlined object name. Press OK.

enter username

verify username

You should see owner changed from TrustedInstaller.

Changed owner

Now you can change Permission settings; select “administrators” from user list, and mark check Allow for “Full Control” and click OK.

change access

You should be able to modify value, so change to “e:\WindowsApps” or whatever location you like.

change folder

New location will be effective after restarting system, and installing new Store App will be installed to new location. For Store Apps you’ve already installed, uninstall and install again to move to new location.

After making modification, set Appx key owner back to TrustedInstaller.

Since changing installation folder is unofficial modification, I recommend only using this trick temporary for case such as you have Store App you want to try, but don’t have space left in system drive.

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