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In case like evaluating Store App under development, you might want  to know version of Store App. Here’s couple of ways to check out.

First, standard way. Open setting charm, click “Permissions”

setting charm

access info

This will show publisher, version, and other app info.

version info

Sample in different app.

version info 2

Next, way to check from command prompt. Press “Win + X”, select “Command Prompt (admin)”.

command prompt

Move to folder where apps are stored, then “dir”. You can see app name and version as folder name.

cd "\program files\windowsapps"
 dir /b


folder list

Last, way to check using PowerShell. From command prompt, run powershell and enter “get-appxpackage -allusers”.

 get-appxpackage -allusers

power shell

This will list app name, version, and other package info. For get-appxpackage parameters,

get-help get-appxpackage -online

will bring up online help page.

powershell command

help info

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