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When using Laptop with touch screen and physical keyboard, in application such as Microsoft Word or browser, tapping screen to focus on input area and entering with keyboard gets interrupted by annoying touch keyboard popups.

Touch Keyboard

One way is to disable touch keyboard. You can disable by disabling TabletInputService. Launch command prompt with administrator, and enter

net stop TabletInputService
sc config TabletInputService start= disabled

to disable service. To re-enable,

sc config TabletInputService start= auto
net start TabletInputService

will do. You can also change configuration from Service under Computer Management. However, there are many products which has both tablet mode and laptop mode came to market after release of Windows 8. You don’t want to reconfigure every time you change mode, don’t you?

Best way is to only popup touch keyboard when you click on touch keyboard on taskbar, or keyboard from Setting Charm. But unfortunately, there’s no such option at this time.

Using batch file is one way, but I don’t like ugly batch file icon sitting on desktop, and “do you really want to run this” UAC message asking every time. So, I’ve made a tool for easy switching. Please use at your own risk. – download

Download, unzip, and run TouchKeySwitch.exe to install tool.

install touckeyswitcher

After setup, one service program and tool will be installed. Default (after setup, or after Windows startup) is set to touch keyboard disabled state. You will see “TouchKey Onetime” and “TouchKey OnOff” in applications.

switcher shortcut

TouchKey OnOff will enable / disable touch keyboard. (No message shown, switches to desktop if called outside desktop.)

TouchKey Onetime will launch touch keyboard disregarding to state, and automatically sets to disabled after touch keyboard window is closed. Onetime can be used from desktop only.

You can pin shortcut to desktop, or you can assign keyboard shortcut for easier access. Select shortcut, and open folder.

open folder

Right click shortcut, open property.

open property

Assign shortcut key you like. For example, assign “Ctrl + Shift + T” to Touchkey OnOff.

config shortcut key

This will make entering “Ctrl + Shift + T” switch back and forth touch keyboard enable / disable.

Pin Onetime to taskbar, and you can click on icon to instant touch keyboard popup only when you want (only for desktop, though).

pin taskbar


Hope Microsoft will improve in next Windows 8 update release.

If you no longer need the tool, just uninstall from Programs and Features, and tool will be gone, back to original state.

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  1. legoset0 says:

    in the installation a pop upcomes up and if I select what I believe to be ‘yes’ itwaits alittle while thenit comes back up again. if I select the other option it cancels the installation

  2. olid says:

    hi I have a Dell Venue Pro 11, and when I try to install the program it fails to install; is there anything i can do to make it work? thanks for reply

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  4. Diego says:

    Great tool! Can you share the source code? Thanks!

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